The workbook has been designed to put you on the
pathway to success from the word go! In Chapter 1
you will develop your job search timeline. Project
Managers know that a well-developed project timeline
is key to their success. Timelines provide direction and
focus by identifying critical milestones and dependencies.
Job Search
Your job search is the most critical
project you will ever manage! The
activities and checklists in each
chapter serve as cornerstones that
will increase your knowledge
about the business of medicine
and how to meld your work-life
balance considerations throughout
the job search process.
You are your brand; and this workbook will help you identify and
leverage strategies that will ensure you are positioned well in the
market and in a lifestyle that suits your needs.
Job Search: Contents
Chapter 1:
Job Search Timeline
Chapter 2:
Market Trends & Trials
Chapter 3:
Compensation Packages
Chapter 4:
Life, Money, and Career Priorities
Chapter 5:
Search Strategy
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Job Selection
Chapter 8:
Contract Negotiation
Chapter 9:
Finance Basics
Chapter 10:
Job Transition
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How to use the Workbook
Maximize your Physician Career Workbook experience through our three key components:
Resource Library
. Each component compliments the others and provides you with the additional information you need to get the most from this program.
Resource Library
The Workbook
The first component is the Career and Life Planning WORKBOOK for
Medical Residents. You will be spending much of your time working
from this workbook, but it is important that you understand that it’s
been designed to work in concert with the guidebook. The Workbook
is accessible by hardcopy and/or eBook.
Purchase Hard Copy Access Ebook
The Guidebook
The second component is the Career and Life Planning
for Medical Residents. This is the backbone or “text book” to the program. The 212-page Guidebook provides detailed content, works hand in hand with the Workbook and is accessible by PDF or eBook. It will be helpful to you in completing the tasks and exercises in the workbook. Together they provide a comprehensive approach for you to leverage information and strategies.
Access Ebook
Resource Library
The last component is the Career and Life
for Physicians. Like any good reference or resource library, this is where you will find the extra materials you need to get the most from this program. The online resource library includes more than 150 physician career development resources that will help explore various topics of interest throughout your career.
Learn More
View the video below to learn more about how to use
the workbook to get the most out of your experience and the program.
Inside this Video:
0:08 – Introduction to Video
0:41 – Introduction to Tool Bars
1:04 – eBook Instructions Top Bar
2:04 – eBook Instructions Bottom Bar
3:32 – The Package Components
5:15 – Chapter 1: Job Search Timeline Instructions
8:32 – Chapter 2 through 10 Instructions
9:22 – Introduction to Physician Employers
10:00 – Introduction to Advisors
10:42 – Bookmarking
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