Each year,
38,000 Residents
complete a
Residency Program.
Connect With Physicians:
Our community of Residents, Fellows and Doctors on the move, leverage the Career and Life Planning Workbook to help transition from training to their life and career.
Residents and practicing physicians are seeking Quality Service Providers To help:
  • Purchase a home
  • Sell a home
  • Secure and plan for retirement
  • Relocate
  • Review an Employment Contract
  • Purchase a car
  • Purchase equipment
  • Select Continued Medical Education
  • Find a Career and/or Locum Tenen’s
The very best providers in these select service sectors are invited to participate in
Career and Life Planning Workbook.
There is simply not a better platform to introduce, connect and serve Residents and Doctors, and their families, who are launching and continuing their medical careers with the physician employers near you.
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