License Adventures in Medicine’s
100+ Resource Library and brand
your organization!
Let’s hear what they’re saying.
The right tools and resources
can facilitate an interactive
and differentiating experience
for both the recruiter seeking
meaningful interaction and
the physician candidates
seeking assistance and guidance.
A recruiter, who can drive the
candidate to the right (unbiased)
resource, exercise, or worksheet at
the appropriate time of need, will build
HTC as the resources will equip the
physician with the data to make the
best decision for all parties involved.
Such tools and resources should
also address recruiter challenges
and Residents’ thirst for relevant
information at several key stages
in the recruiting, interviewing,
and even onboarding processes.
Below is a sample custom layout of
Career and Life Planning
Resource Library
Three Key Benefits:
Differentiate Yourself
at Career Fairs!
Creates a unique candidate
experience by connecting with
attendees with tools and resources
to help them make a great decision.
Whether your candidate accepts your
opportunity, engage, connect, and build
trust with candidates by integrating the
jump drives into your interview process
Upload your Career and Life Planning
Portal onto a Jump Drive and make a
connection through building HTC
(Honesty, Trust, & Credibility)
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