For each of the past 6 years, Adventures in Medicine has delivered over 20,000 copies of our Career and Life Planning Workbook to Medical Residents who are in their final year or graduating.

Thousands more are distributed each year to leading Residency Programs and employers who are looking to advance the personal and professional well-being of their Residents and Physicians.

Residents and Physicians use our resources to guide them through career and life planning choices including the interview process, financial planning and much, much more!

The Career and life planning Guidebook for Medical Residents is the backbone or "Text Book" to the Workbook. The content works hand-in-hand with the companion Workbook and is accessible by PDF or eBook. It will be helpful to you in completing the tasks and exercises in the workbook.

Additional reference is made throughout the Workbook and Guidebook to the Physician Resources Library. It includes articles, checklists, directories, survival tools and the lifestyle search engine.
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Residents and Physicians in the U.S. receive the Best Clinical Training in the World
But few are trained or prepared to make the transition to a Career and Life in the Business of Medicine
The Career and Life Planning Workbook for Medical Residents offers interactive activities that will guide doctors
Planning for
The A's to Z's of the interview process
Financial Planning
Having No Business to having to know
Work-life Balance
Physician Burnour
Job and Family Transition
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The Guide will help you engage your imagination,mind and heart to the level where you will start to see clearly all the things you have worked so hard for . -Adriana Tobar,MD-

The Guidebook is easy to read and perfect for a sleep deprived and overwhelmed resident. Residents will be able to learn everything they need to know about job hunting in one place from a reliable and unbiased source. -Muhammad Akbar, MD-

As Chief Resident, I used the guidebook frequently throughout my own interview process, and thought my classmates would benefit from the guidebook. Both my second and third year Residents picked up some great tips! -Rashida Gray, MD-

You have Prepared your Residents to be Doctors Now it's Time to Help Them Prepare for the Job Market and a Life in Medicine
Our tools and resources will help you maximize the time and impact you have available to help your Residents transition into their professional careers.
We understand the demands you have on your time and that your job is to prepare Residents acquire the medical and clinical experience they will need throughout their careers.
We also know that Residents need additional assistance to transition from their residency programs to the modern workforce.
Residency Program Directors, Graduate Medical Educators, Graduate Medical Coordinators, and Chief Residents can use our resources to help prepare and guide young physicians as they transition from their clinical preparations into their personal and professional lives.


The workbook has been designed to put Residents on the pathway to success from the word go! Activities and checklists in each chapter serve as cornerstones for success.

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The Guidebook is the backbone or “text book” to the Workbook. The content, works hand in hand with the Workbook and is accessible by PDF or eBook. .

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Resource Library

Accessed via the web or through a private label implementation. The Physician Resource Library provides a wealth of career and life planning and business of medicine education.

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As a program coordinator for a rigorous, five-year general surgery residency program, I am always looking for information, resources, and materials to assist my residents. As I shared Adventures in Medicine (AIM) with my residents, I realized what a valuable tool it is. I appreciate that it is a comprehensive guide that educates the resident on each step of moving into a practice, and addresses all of the intricacies that the process entails.I encourage all of my residents to use AIM as a guide for their future. -Laura Warner, C-TAGME-

For nearly a decade, I supervised interns, residents, and medical students at Stanford. Medical training and the complex process of transitioning into a fulfilling life and career are two totally different animals. Adventures in Medicine provides structure to the post-residency career quest. It is infused with crucial principles regarding stress management, burnout prophylaxis, and overarching philosophies that look beyond the simplifications of money and prestige, and promote career and personal happiness. -Zubin Damania, MD, Adjunct Clinical Asst / Professor of Medicine-

When I served as Residency Program Director at Mercy Health System, my main responsibility was to prepare Residents clinically and educate them on the business aspects for a life after Residency. Adventures in Medicine provides Residents the platform to examine their own wants and needs, identify their own strengths and weaknesses and much more. - Glenn Loomis, MD-

Physician Employers and their respective In-House Physician Recruiters are seeking meaningful interactions to create a legacy of their own. Today’s physician recruiters are driven by purpose …
  • To make a difference in the lives of the physicians they recruit
  • To make an impact on the communities in which they serve
  • To engage in worthwhile work – important, rewarding, and valuable to justify the time and effort spent
The Career and Life Planning Workbook for Medical Residents, and Adventures in Medicine's supporting resources provide a platform for physician employers and recruiting groups to:
  • Raise visibility to thousands of resident, Doctors, residency program directors and Medical educators each and every year.
  • Engage, connect, and build trust with candidates.
  • To make a difference in the lives of the physicians they come in contact with.
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Professional providers in select service industries can Partner with our Physician Career Workbook.

Residents and Physicians looking for their first or next employer look forward to connecting with Quality Service Providers in their state and local communities who will value their business.

Below are just a few of the many service sectors you are invited to participate in as a partner.

  • Real Estate
  • Relocation
  • Mortgage
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  • Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance
  • Fitness/Spa
  • Legal
  • Investment Advisory
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